Mindful Midnight Owls

The mind if a writer isnt easy to tame. Once this machine of a mind has its gears running, its hard to stop. Especially those who relate to the life of a night owl. They they up at night gazing at the world, with spontaneous thoughts, wonders, predictions, and ideas pouring in from any particular sight or even sound. They pick up on things surrounding that most people dont catch. They wait for something new, some spark of attention in the middle of the night theyll grasp those machines of minds around whatever it is, and just be mindful with the full experience. Like birds, they analyze and pick through their food and we as humans pick through our thoughts, perceptions, ideas and dreams just like birds. Figuring ourselves and our lives out bite by bite. Pick by pick. And once we find the goods inside, we write it down like its the only piece of food we got for the season of winter. Its prescious, the stories we find. The stories we find are golden, to us. 
July 25, 4:37 a.m. 



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